Pros: Heat Resistance, Beauty, Cost.

Marble has been used in buildings and households all over the world. There is always something about marble that other countertop options don’t have. The look of a natural marble stone is always so appealing to the eye, with an elegance that seems to accompany the look making this natural stone something highly sought after by homeowners. Depending on the marble slab, they can be very cost-effective as they can range from low cost to extremely expensive. Marble is also very heat resistant. While this is a great benefit, it is still recommended not to put any hot material down without a trivet or protection of some kind.

Cons: Soft, Patina (Wearing), Staining.

As gorgeous as marble is, it isn’t without its drawbacks. The biggest being that it is a very soft stone and does not have the durability of granite or quartzite when it comes to a natural stone. Even sealed, there is always a chance of etching due to the mineral softness of this stone. It is highly recommended not to cut directly on the surface, as it will leave marks. Over time, marble can begin to patina and get a worn look, which many people enjoy, showing that this natural stone isn’t just beautiful but very functional.

Marble Tub