Pros: Durability, Low Maintenance, UV Resistant.

Those homeowners wanting that natural stone but looking to step it up a notch would be happy to know Quartzite is a great option. Quartzite is very durable and dense, giving it that hardness and durability that homeowners wish for in a countertop. Quartzite is very low maintenance and extremely easy to clean. There should be very little worry of any bacteria or staining, provided the stone is sealed properly. This type of natural stone surface is very resistant to UV rays, which means it can be used inside or outside with less worry of fading from direct sunlight. With Quartzite, you can give your home that natural stone beauty with the durability and unique look of one of the hardest surfaces you can acquire in a natural stone.

Cons: Limited Colors, More Sealing, Cost.

While Quartzite is a beautiful natural stone, there are a few downsides to going with this material. Quartzite does have far fewer options than granite does when it comes to colors and looks. Due to this, uniqueness and the durability factor will drive up the cost of a Quartzite slab. The frequency of sealing may be a factor based on the Quartzite material selected. Some slabs may require more intense sealing as opposed to the recommended once a year. It is not recommended to cut directly on the surface of this material. It is advised to always use cutting boards.

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